Athas: The gods Reborn

Liliths Calling

Bye Hunter :(

As Lilith rests herself to regain what was lost and rejuvenate after the trials recently behind her, she feels herself become weightless with sleep. As she dozes off she realizes that the sounds around her have changed. Arlan’s not snoring drunkenly, Roderick’s not muttering and tossing, Argo’s not making that strange meditation hum; she opens her weary eyes and looks around her. She stands just outside the prison from the dreams they’ve all shared. The bars are massive and she slips through easily. The gods, in their current form they are giants that stand as towers, stare at her with wide eyes and the soft featured woman approaches. Her chains have been released, but she is still in obvious pain. Lilith does not feel fear as she is lifted and brought to a pale looking man near the back of the room. Flashes of recognition flit across her mind as she realizes this is Multra. Her book becomes heavy in her pack, and only then does she realize she no longer dreams. Lilith thinks of what to say that could bring comfort to this great being that has guided her all her life.
As she opens her mouth to speak the Dancing Flame approaches and she hides behind the kneeling side of the god. The Fire torments the gods, for they can feel pain, for many hours, and all she can do is watch. She places a hand upon Multra as he groans in pain, whispering her words of healing. It does little, but he is comforted by her faith.
When the jailer leaves the soft featured woman speaks, “We have called you here, for on our own we are no longer strong. You must find the Children, the Children of the Champions are not here with us. You must find them. They can help you to free us.”
“My people need me, I cannot abandon them.” Lilith says before realizing her words, “I wish to serve, but I fear for them.” She adds.
The woman smiles softly, “Another has been sent to aid your comrades. You have always been our most faithful, only you hold the key to their freedom. Find them, so that we may rise and defeat the primordials for good. Find them so we can bring life back to the world we once loved, that our one time champions have destroyed.”


Stacy Stacy

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