Athas: The gods Reborn

Character Ancestral Background


Stacy B.
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Everyone knew about the war between the Primordials and the gods, but so far it did not effect the people on the mortal planes.It had never left the farthest planes known as the Thrones of Power. What the mortals didn’t know is that the Primordials had found a way to break the chains of power that allowed them access to the mortal plane. This is when they chose champions, to defend the portals that allowed them access.

Agrimon: Born human, Agrimon once schooled at the Multrai, Jhan, and Crei Universities. Arcane magic had not always been so despised, and at one point Athas has been quickly moving towards a world similar to the fabled Eberron. It was his wish to one day travel to the farthest and most distant planes to see if the epic stories and sagas about the great world run by technology and magic was real. Agrimon had been testing for his final year at the academy. If he passed he would be interviewed to be a teacher for the next classes in the years to come. It was always the first step to continuing your arcane education. During the finals as Agrimon summoned the power to cast a ring of flame and instead created a pillar that reached beyond the clouds. The school was impressed, but Agrimon did not know from where the power had come. As he rested that night he felt the brand burn across his skin, the true mark of Katorai mixed with the power of Creiax, created a tattoo like brand that ghosted a path over his body. He heard the voice speak, an image appear of the two as they approached him, explaining why they granted the power, what they required of him. He asked for the gift of greater arcane power, if he was the greatest arcanist of Athas, none would stand in his way.
This power was granted in the form of a blood ritual. Bound to the magic of a great dragon and a powerful demon he changed. Twisted horns grew, wide wings sprouted, fangs extended, and a tail sprouted. With all of this though, his magic expanded. His power was undeniable. He wasn’t friendly, didn’t work well with others, but he understood that to keep these gifts he would have to obey his oath to the gods and help them defend their places of power.

Gamareth: An elf druid from the great southern forest, married to a kitsune woman, due to her breed they were unable to have the children he desperately wanted, but his love for her never faltered. His devotion to the protection of all things natural is what drew the attention of the gods so long ago. His magic and love of nature drew Lamif to him. She granted him her power, her gift, and for him created a race of creatures known as shifters, humans and animalistic shapechangers. His joy built his loyalty. His wife was granted a child, and he was given the power to defend the great portals.

Amaran: A man greatly devoted to his faith and leading his people to follow it. He was a priest at the Cathedral of the Twelve, sworn to celibacy and purity of mind. When he was called upon by Elia he rejected the idea at first, she believed in joy and enjoyment, allowing one to live for the moment. She spoke to him, enticed him, and finally begged him to use his faith for their protection. How could he refuse the gods? He trained his magic and learned how to focus his emotions into healing and buffs to those around him. He found his greatest power came from joy, and so he prayed to goddess Elia and she taught him how to find joy in others, this soon became a lead in to parties, drinking, and soon Faustus added his blessings to the priest. Amaran would spend his night drinking and carousing and each day would add that much more strength to his allies as they moved along the battle field.

Mae’rai’aerin: The greatest noble house of the Eladrin people had but one true pride, their son, Mae’rai’aerin. Gifted with speed, grace, and a surprisingly dexterous athletic talent. He was trained to be a great champion of the people, but one known as Muttai called him for a greater purpose. His ability to fling arrows, teleport great distances, and dance among enemies without flinching was his greatest survival tactic. Calling upon this Eladrin she granted him a substantial gift for endurance. He would be able to use this to great effect as he led armies into battle as lead tactician against the primordials.

Crixis: Born to a man who could only just provide for his family of 12, Crixis learned his fathers trade at a young age. Blacksmithing taught him a good trade and grew his strength as he aged, but he decided he didn’t want to barely survive, he wanted to live. He practiced with the weapons and armor his father made and soon joined the Great Arena at Sea. A tiny island surrounded by fire coral and man eating sharks. It is where fighters went to earn money quickly and gain fame. Crixis ruled the arena battles and became champion after only a few years. He lived for the bloodsport. It was during his final fight that he was chosen by Risch. The blood spatter of his enemy on his chest and arms became his brand. He joined the battle with great anticipation, relishing the rush of real battle, constant enemies rushing forward to their deaths. Soon the bloodsport riveled cruelty. He couldn’t help but hunt and torture the enemy in order to find another battlefield and more enemies. The riches he earned he sent to his family, who eventually became a prominent family in the city where they lived.

The champions were called together for a great battle at the Stairway to the Thrones, a great temple in the mountains that held portals to the thrones of each of the gods. Here they met and fought, and for the years following this was their battlefront. As the battles continued so did the support of the gods. By the third year each champions held the blessings of 5 gods, and most had a more personal connection to each one.


Stacy Stacy

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