Amazing-Desert-Sahara-Wallpapers.jpgAthas is a world that has been stripped of life by the over use of arcane power. The gods have abandoned the people, and hope has quickly vanished to be replaced with survival. The cities are run by the very Sorcerer Kings that caused the lifeless landscape.
You were part of a small trading caravan headed towards a new outpost near the Silt Sea in the south when a Rainstorm hit. Not only did this stop your travels, but it caused much fear. There has been little to no rain in Athas since your grandparents can recall.
The storm raged so hard that the valleys and dunes turned to mud, the silt became a muddy river, the very road you traveled impassable. The caravan hunkered down, tying up the terrified beasts that pulled the carriages, and loading all the travelers, traders, and guards into the various covered transports to wait out what could only be a new and terrible magic.
When the storm had finally passed your caravan was sunken into the mud, the beasts had drown, and the people were fighting hysterics.
As the sun rose over the soaked landscape and the heat of the day began to rise, a heavy mist lifted from the sands and before the noon sun had made its peak the landscape held little to no sign of the passing storm.
The mist however hangs in the air as the caravan was dug out and the few surviving beasts hitched back into place. As you continue your journey you find that you were not the only people stranded by the storm. In the ruins nearby you find a group of huddled travelers fighting off a swarm of hungry spiders.

Athas: The gods Reborn